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We enable you to engage more and different people in the participation process. We  bring participation to citizens, right in the relevant locations.

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Getting feedback from a large and diverse range of people is hard

People expect to have their voices heard and opinions considered. However, gathering quality feedback that represents an increasingly diverse population is hard. Most methods introduce too many barriers.

No time to attend your workshop

Many people lack the time and motivation to attend workshops or in-person events. Often the 'usual suspects' who attend do not represent the entire community, and have strong incentives to engage.

Too many obstacles to your online survey

Reaching people beyond your existing communication channels is hard. Convincing them to complete a survey is even harder. Too often registration is required, or too much unnecessary personal information is requested.

Language, framing and technology bias

Not everyone has the language or social skills, access to technology or technical abilities to participate. This introduces bias in the gathered data.


Citizen Dialog Kit: Wireless Survey Devices

Insights into the opinions of your citizens, directly from the relevant place.

Ask any question, anywhere to engage more and different people in your participation process. Go beyond “the usual suspects” at workshops or online platforms. Engage any person visiting your spaces.

What sets it apart

The unique advantages of Citizen Dialog Kit.

Ask 10 questions or more

Our research shows people consistently answer an average of 10 survey questions.

Installed in seconds

Get started quickly. Easily install CDK devices in under a minute, right where the action is.

Reaching more and different people

By removing all barrier, any passer-by can participate. From 6 to 96 years olds, in multiple languages. Not limited by the availability of pollsters.

Get double the responses of online surveys

We have gathered twice as many responses compared to simultaneous online surveys.

Get answers directly from the location

Ask questions that can best be answered right from the relevant location. Perfect to evaluate trial setups or measure experiences.

Creates visibility

Make your engagement actions visible by having a physical presence. Gradually onboard more people in the engagement process.

See Citizen Dialog Kit in action

Play Video about CDK Leuven street

More intuitive, plain and simple

Designed to make gathering feedback easy.

Wireless Survey Devices

Intuitive, for everyone

Tangible push buttons are easy to understand for everyone. There are no barriers to participation.

Install anywhere, easily

Go to people, go to the community, go to the context. No infrastructure needed. Battery powered and wirelessly networked.

Monitor and update remotely

Networked to enable remote engagement monitoring in real-time. Send updates to your devices remotely when needed.

Zero maintenance

Thanks to our unique power-efficient technology, weather proofed Citizen Dialog Kit devices run on batteries for months!

Complete Online Platform

Create surveys

Create your own surveys through our custom survey design process, build specifically for Citizen Dialog Kit and to optimise your success.


Monitor engagement

Keep track of how the engagement evolves in real-time and across all your devices, right from your desk.


Analyse responses

With our powerful, built-in analysis tools you will easily find meaningful insights in the responses to your survey.


Download and report

Download the data in useful visualisations to integrate them in your own presentation, as pdf-reports or as raw data to continue the analysis in your favourite analytics software.

Expert Training and Support

With all the support you need

With some basic training, you can take control and deploy Citizen Dialog Kit devices all yourself. Prefer some more guidance? We’re here for you with additional support services.

Evidence based

We have studied exactly where to position CDK devices, how to structure the survey, and design effective call-to-actions to engage passers-by and get actionable answers. >Take a look at how we tackled this in our case studies.

Academic foundation

Citizen Dialog Kit was iteratively developed at KU Leuven University over the course of many years and case studies.  >More about our research.

Four simple steps

How to use it

Receive your CDK Devices

Get our ground breaking, completely wireless interactive displays and easily deploy them anywhere throughout the whole year or for a particular project. We deliver them to you with all required tools included.

Create Your Surveys

Our online platform enables you to easily create your own surveys. Even using complex logic and follow-up question structures to get real insights. Send surveys wirelessly to your devices to test and launch!

Deploy On Site

CDK devices can be installed in less than 5 minutes. Once installed, you easily monitor where and when people participate, in real-time and directly from your desk.

Monitor, Analyse and Report

Use our advanced data visualisation tools to analyse the responses and even look for correlations between different questions. Download individual charts for custom presentations, or download everything in a PDF-file.


Don’t just take our word for it. This is what others have said.

We were very happy with the results of Citizen Dialog Kit. It's an excellent way to get the conversation started with people about their neighbourhood or street. Locally and in public space.
With Citizen Dialog Kit we were able to reach people who previously did not have the time to attend workshops, or lacked the technical skills and resources to use online participation tools. As such, we broadened the scope of citizen participation and enabled a wider range of people to take part in the decision-making process.
At Tourism Flemish Brabant we have been looking for the right way to reach sporty cyclists in the field. Citizen Dialog Kit turned out to be the perfect solution – by hanging the devices in a few strategically chosen places, we were able to reach our target group 24/7, regardless of the weather. After the three months that our survey was deployed, we could not help but be very satisfied with the results we obtained!

Customers and Partners

Get inspired by our case studies

Read some of our success stories.

Measure impact in many situations

Take advantage of Citizen Dialog Kit in a variety of applications.

Urban Planning and Placemaking

In urban planning and placemaking, it is crucial to get the support of citizens and frequent visitors. Get them onboard early with a situated survey or measure the experience of temporary setups.


Mobility changes have a serious impact on people's daily lives and require careful participation. Get insights into current habits and evaluate trial changes.


Reaching tourists beyond your existing network is hard. Get richer insights with a situated survey with multiple questions and targeted questions based on visitor profiles. Don't rely only on the availability and commitment of pollsters.

Smart City

Get citizens onboard with your smart city project by opening up your sensor measurements and creating visibility right in the public space it was generated. Gather a qualitative layer on top of the measured sensor data.

Property Development

Before, during and after real estate developments, it is immensely valuable to inform neighbours about the construction plans and future of the site. Get them on board early!

Market Research and Promotion

Gather insights into the requirements and preferences of a specific target audience, or promote a product or service with a physical presence.

Backed by research

Methodology based on academic research and empirical evidence.

Context provides relevance

Research suggests that a sense of relevance for a survey is stronger when the issue is experienced in-situ, instead of needing to be remembered later (Goncalves et al.).

Temporary devices create urgency

We have demonstrated how the appearance of a temporary, more bottom-up devices creates urgency (Claes et al.) as people are less likely to postpone their engagement.​

Lower barriers, more responses

Interactive public survey devices are able to engage different demographics (Vlachokyriakos et al.) and lead to more answers than online alternatives (Coenen et al. and Goncalves et al.).

Gather hyperlocal insights

Go granular, even within one neighbourhood. Even at only a few dozen meters aparts, public survey devices can gather meaningful differences in how people perceive places (Coenen et al.). 

Citizen Dialog Kit started at Research[x]Design at KU Leuven (Belgium). The platform has now been developed into a spin-off, thanks to the technical expertise of DistriNet (KU Leuven) and participatory design knowledge of Intermedia (LUCA School of Arts).

Let's make a difference together.

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Citizen Dialog Kit (CDK) is a platform composed of interactive display devices that allows civic stakeholders to easily inform and survey any passers-by in public space. Originally developed by KU Leuven and as part of the European OrganiCity-project. Earlier versions are available as open source software on GitHub.



Citizen Dialog Kit is designed and build in Belgium. Our office is located in the historic Arenberg Castle in a park in Heverlee, at the edge of the university city Leuven.

Address: Kasteelpark Arenberg 1, 3001 Heverlee, Belgium